Toyota Announces the 2021 Toyota Venza!

After a five-year absence, Toyota’s five-passenger midsize crossover is again. Meet the 2021 Toyota Venza, which is anticipated to reach in dealerships later this summer.

The unique Toyota Venza was quick-lived. After a fairly a hit debut in 2008, sales started to slide, even as the smaller RAV4 and 3-row Highlander flourished during the same period. Maybe there wasn’t room in Toyota’s lineup for 3 SUVs; perhaps Toyota’s awkward marketing of the Venza as neither a wagon nor an SUV confused shoppers. Either way, it most effectively hung around for a single era before being discontinued within the US in 2015.

Looking at our SUV heavy roads today, a few would possibly say the Venza was ahead of its time. So it’s nice to look the nameplate getting a whole overhaul and a 2nd shot.

The 2021 Venza’s new look is upright, greater athletic and embraces its SUV nature greater so than its wagon-like predecessor. Hopefully, this translates to more cargo space — one of the O.G. Venza’s weaknesses.

You’d anticipate the Venza to look like the new Highlander or RAV4, however, it’s surprisingly easy and curvaceous. The front stop leads with a barely upturned nostril and huge grille that reminds me extra of the handsome, 2nd-technology Toyota Mirai.

The new proportions and information look a bit like a slightly softer take on the Lexus RX’s sharp-angled profile, which makes the experience as the vehicles are further sized and both based totally at the Toyota New Global Architecture K platform, which you’ll find underneath all the automaker’s midsize offerings from the Camry to the Highlander.

Toyota Hybrid AWD simplest
The only powertrain to be had for 2021 Venza consumers can be Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive with digital on-call for all-wheel drive. Under the hood is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and electric powered motor-generators turning the front wheels, and out lower back is a third, larger electric motor committed to the rear axle, offering torque on call for. The Venza can shift between full the front-wheel-drive or ship up to 80% of the to be had torque to the rear wheels, relying on situations and the driver’s inputs, even though most of the time it’ll perform somewhere between those extremes.

This appears to be the same powertrain that you’ll find inside the cutting-edge Highlander Hybrid but returned for a touch less electricity and a touch more efficiency. At 219 horsepower as opposed to 243, that should be fine; the Venza is a smaller and probably a lighter vehicle, and there have to still be lots of torque on tap. Plus, the Venza uses a new lithium-ion battery p.C. to help also lessen weight.

The Venza could be the first Toyota vehicle available with what the automaker calls its Star Gaze roof. This constant panoramic moonroof stretches from the front row to the rear and functions electrochromic glass. At the touch of a button, the glass is going from clear to tint, allowing mild in or shading passengers from the sun. There also appears to be sliding material cover for optimum mild blockage.

Electrochromic glass is nothing new. It’s a similar era to rear and side mirrors that automatically tint to reduce glare. However, the usage of the tech on large panels like a moonroof has typically been reserved for luxury or exotic automobiles such as Mercedes-Benz or McLaren, so the Venza may be one of the first examples of this tech trickling down to an affordable vehicle.

Available in August
Just like earlier than, the 2021 Toyota Venza will slot into Toyota’s SUV lineup above the RAV4 and below the Highlander while it arrives in August of this year. Interestingly, the Venza will be imported from Japan, instead of constructed here inside the States like Toyota’s other crossovers.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, however, it should additionally fall between the $28,350 RAV4 Hybrid and the Highlander Hybrid’s $38,200 starting sticker.

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