Buying vs Leasing! Which one is better?

Buying a vehicle is one of the largest purchases you will make, and determining how you will finance that purchase can be scary and stressful. For that reason, it is important to understand the various financing options available to you as a car buyer. Specifically, we would like to inform you of the differences between the two most popular options, leasing, and buying. Read the rest of this entry >>

Silver 2019 Toyota Camry driving along bridge

What infotainment system does the 2020 Toyota Camry have? 

Infotainment has become a cornerstone of modern vehicles. If your car is less than six or seven years old and it doesn’t have some form of infotainment, you may feel like you’re missing out. And you are. The Toyota Camry is one of the most popular cars worldwide. What kind of infotainment system does it offer its drivers? Keep reading to find out.  Read the rest of this entry >>

front view of blue toyota prius on wooded road

2020 Toyota Prius engine specs and fuel economy

There is no denying that the Toyota Prius has set the gold standard for hybrid cars. Since its inception, the Prius has epitomized everything drivers want in a hybrid vehicle. It’s wildly efficient, of course, but it is also very spacious, stylish, and filled with modern features. For now, though, we are going to focus on the car’s calling card. Keep reading to learn more about the fuel economy of the 2020 Toyota Prius.  Read the rest of this entry >>