Toyota of Warsaw Dealer Warranty 

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Warranties are vital when you’re in the process of buying a new car. Since a vehicle is an expensive, long-term investment, you want to know that everything that can be covered is covered. 

Well, we here at Toyota of Warsaw want to give you some added peace of mind. During our dealer warranty period, we will pay for ALL labor and ALL parts costs for the covered systems that may fail. What exactly is covered? Learn more below.

Toyota of Warsaw Dealer Warranty – What is Covered?  

Engine-Every internal lubricated part, including every piston, turbocharger, cylinder block, fuel pump, belt, and hose is covered under our dealer warranty. This also included any part damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part. 

Transmission-All internal parts of your car’s transmission are covered. This includes deals, gaskets, the transfer case, torque converter, and transmission case. 

Front-Wheel and Rear-Wheel Drive-No matter your vehicle’s drivetrain, we have it covered. The front and/or rear axle shafts, draft shaft, wheel bearings, retainers, locking hubs, and velocity joints all fall under our protection plan.  

The duration of our Dealer Warranty is the same for all of our vehicles. The Toyota Warsaw Dealer Warranty lasts for three months after the vehicle purchase date or when 3,000 miles are registered after the purchase of the vehicle. We are here to make your car buying experience as painless as possible. Come down to Toyota of Warsaw to learn more about this warranty and our other services.