Warranty & Protection Plans

First Extended

The Vehicle Service Contract administered by First Extended offers you six levels of affordable, uninterrupted coverage that can fit any budget. It helps protect you from the cost of unexpected repairs, giving you peace of mind.

3 For 1

ThreeForOne Protection bundles the coverages you need to keep your car looking new and in safe condition. This program covers repairs to your tires and wheels, windshield, and paintless dent repair. By combining three coverages into one program, you get more benefits for less cost.


An exterior and interior environmentally-friendly appearance protection product. It helps maintain the color, texture and beauty of your paint, creates a barrier against stains, helps extend the life of fabric seats and carpets, and helps retain natural softness of leather seats.


In the unfortunate event your vehicle is declared a total loss due to theft or accidental damage, Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) can help waive the difference from the current value of your vehicle, including up to $1,00 of your insurance deductible.


The name says it all. Pulse® is the rear-end collision deterrent that rapidly pulses your third brake light 4 times when you press the brake pedal. (The pulsing does not repeat upon any subsequent application of the brakes for 5 seconds so as not to annoy trailing drivers in stop-and-go traffic.)
According to a study by Daimler-Benz, if passenger car drivers have a 0.5-second additional warning time, about 60% of rear-end collisions can be prevented. An extra second of warning time can prevent about 90% of rear-end collisions.*
*NTSB, Vehicle and Infrastructure-Based Technology for Prevention of Rear-End Collisions, NTSB/SIR-01/01, PB2001-p17003, 05/01/01, pg. 1

Shadowmark® I.D. labels are fastened around your vehicle. If removed, they leave an unseen imprint detectable only by an ultraviolet light.
Shadowmark stickers are applied to the driver and passenger windows to discourage theft. The registered owner's name and vehicle, ID and individual registration numbers are entered into a computer database. 
Features & Benefits
Protects 24/7
May reduce customer insurance rate
Up to $7,500 value for new, leased or used vehicles, including tax, title and license - plus factory & dealer aftermarket options
Shadowmark product identification code is supplied to law enforcement agencies to assist in recovering your vehicle
Reimbursement on out-of-pocket rental car expenses
Terms of 3 or 5 years
Fully transferable, adding resale value to your vehicle 

Platinum Plus

Protect your vehicle against the unexpected with The Mechanic PlatinumPlus Vehicle Service Contract. It provides mechanical breakdown coverage plus covers additional parts typically excluded from the manufacturer's warranty.